(12:30p pacific/ 3:30p eastern) Gaggenau 400 Series: New to Combi-steam Cooking

Gaggenau introduced the first residential combi-steam oven over 20 years ago. But only now are U.S. consumers beginning to understand what combi-steam cooking is all about and are exploring the possibilities of adding combi-steam to their kitchens. This webinar will help you introduce combi-steam to customers who are unclear what a combi-steam oven can do, whether it’s the right solution for them, and why they should choose Gaggenau.

This webinar will cover:

  • Advantages of steam cooking
  • Overview of cooking functions
  • Chef assistant tools: automatic programs, core temperature probe
  • Auto Drying and Self-cleaning
  • Home Connect

(8:30a pacific/ 11:30a eastern) Gaggenau Brand – Since 1683

Join us as we share the unique attributes that have shaped the brand for the last 337 years. We will explore the brand differences through the lens of our consumer mindsets and their desire to create a bespoke kitchen environment.

This webinar will cover:

  • Gaggenau band and heritage
  • Our philosophy
  • The Professional Kitchen Principle
  • Design and unique experiences

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(8:30a pacific/ 11:30p eastern) Gaggenau Ventilation Options

Gaggenau has always set the bar with its outstanding ventilation solutions. Now with the first introduction of flexible metal ducting in the U.S., we moved the bar even higher. Join us as we discuss the best Gaggenau has to offer for extraction and recirculating ventilation solutions – what to consider and how it all fits together. We’ll also explore new innovations that deliver increased efficiency and performance while allowing for more under counter cabinet space. For those who want to dive deeper into ventilation.

This webinar will cover:

  • What to think about when it comes to ventilation
  • Differences in types of ventilation
  • How to determine the best ventilation solution
  • What differentiates Gaggenau

(12:30p pacific/ 3:30p eastern) Gaggenau Ventilation: Clear the air while you create

As the kitchen becomes a place for both cooking and entertaining, having good ventilation becomes even more vital.  Join us to learn more about designing with Gaggenau 400 and 200 series ventilation. Everything has been designed with discretion and airflow in mind, creating a system that performs exceptionally well and quietly behind the scenes.

This webinar will cover:

  • Gaggenau ventilation options to make a statement or integrate into any kitchen design.
  • Exclusive downdraft solutions that save space, reduce sound, and perform exceptionally.
  • Introduction of metal ducting in North America, which allows us to do things that could not be done before.
  • Resources we have to help you when pulling a Gaggenau ventilation scenario together.

(12:30p pacific/ 3:30p eastern) Designing the Professional Cooktop for the Home: Gaggenau Vario 400 Series

Learn more about designing the ideal culinary scenario, perfectly tailored for the individual requirements of the home chef. Explore how each of the 15”, 30”, and 36” modular cooktops combine to create professional results and blend seamlessly into any design, style, and indoor environment.

This webinar will cover:

  • The full modularity of the 400 series Vario to design a bespoke cooktop
  • The features of each module that deliver the same professional, repeatable results
  • New innovations in gas, induction and specialty cooktops
  • Integrated ventilation that offers unobstructed views and ample cabinet space for full-sized drawers

(12:30p pacific/ 3:30p eastern) Looking inside the Gaggenau Vacuuming Drawers *New

There is so much beyond food preservation to discover when you open a Gaggenau vacuuming drawer. The 400 series vacuuming drawer is the perfect complement to the combi-steam oven for sous-vide cooking. It also pairs with our wine climate cabinets to extend the life of opened wine bottles. The vacuuming drawer can also speed up the marinade process, improve freezing meals, and change the texture of food to inspire new culinary creations.

This webinar will cover:

  • Vacuuming and sealing levels and how to use them
  • Sealing inside the vacuum chamber for food preservation and sous-vide
  • Vacuuming containers and bottles outside the chamber
  • Planning considerations

(8:30a pacific/ 11:30a eastern) Preserving and Presenting Wine with Gaggenau *New

This 30 minute webinar reviews the four factors for proper wine preservation: temperature, light, vibration and humidity, and how the exceptional Gaggenau wine climate cabinets address each of these. We will also look at what specifiers need to consider in terms of accessibility and convenience to create a personal wine experience at home.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of wine preservation and proper serving
  • The Gaggenau portfolio of wine climate cabinets
  • Presentation accessories to enhance the wine experience
  • Design ideas and considerations
  • Home Connect


(12:30p pacific/ 3:30p eastern) Gaggenau Cooling – Vario 400 Series

Join us for 30 minutes as we explore what differentiates Gaggenau Vario 400 cooling series. You will learn about the new design and features of our refrigerators, freezers and wine climate cabinets. A collection that now sets Gaggenau apart as the only manufacturer offering a completely handleless kitchen.

This webinar will cover:

  • The inspiration and design story behind our new cooling columns
  • Vario modularity that opens up new design opportunities for cooling throughout the home
  • Performance innovations that set a new standard
  • Wine climate cabinets that properly store wine and enhance the serving experience
  • Home Connect to control temperature and settings remotely

(8:30a pacific/ 11:30a eastern) From Bean to Cup: The Gaggenau Espresso Machines

Join us as on our journey from storing and grinding beans through brewing the coffee connoisseur’s perfect cup. Along the way, we’ll focus on the seamless design and those unique features that make the Gaggenau fully automatic expresso machines streamlined perfection. We will also introduce our newest addition – the CM 470 plumbed and drained espresso machine that makes it even easier to brew your favorite coffee beverage.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is a fully automatic espresso machine
  • Customizing your beverage
  • Convenience features
  • Design possibilities